If you are important to them, they will make time for you….

After the death of a childhood friend, I am compelled to tell all of my loved ones to make time for one another. We always have time to spend with everyone else, except the ones we say we love. We think that just because we live in a house with someone -we are spending time with them. But, after working all day, hanging with friends, business meetings and lunches… how many hours out of the day are we giving our family?

I realize that we have to work, but is there any time that we could cut out to squeeze our loved ones in? Out of 24 hours, how much time do we spend with our spouse? Are we telling them that we appreciate them? Are we telling them that they mean the world to us and that we are glad God put us together? Are we nurturing our children and spending time with them, or are we telling them hello as we pass by?

If we died today, would our family miss us? Or, would they be so used to us being absent that it would not matter? Have we done everything we could to let them know how much they mean to us? Have we thanked God for placing them in our lives? What if they died? Would we have any regrets?

I know that life is not perfect. We are all busy. We all have obligations. But, I do know that I can make more time. I am guilty. We think that it’s ok, it’s just the way it is. No, we have the power to change our circumstances. If we know that we are giving our best to everyone else and have NOTHING left to give our loved ones, then we must change.

Even in death, there are lessons to be learned…

Love you all so much!


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