It’s A Trap


I am blessed (although the men in the family don’t agree because of the leaves) to have sweet smelling magnolias in our yard. The fragrant flowers bloom and make everything so beautiful. One morning, Wayne and I left to run some errands and lo and behold, a spider had spun a gigantic web from one of the magnolia trees to a column on our front porch. The web was massive and intricate, and it glistened in the early morning sun. I told Wayne that if it wasn’t so bright outside, someone could have easily walked into the web. Walking into the web may not have been such a big deal, but running into the huge spider sitting in the middle of it would have been catastrophic. Everyone that knows me KNOWS that I am afraid of bugs, spiders, insects, or basically anything that moves. Not really afraid, but I don’t want it near me, touching, landing, stinging, or biting me.

The spider sat patiently in the web, waiting on prey to fall into the trap. The fine sticky silk ensured that ensnared prey would not get away, and kept the spider from having to chase it down. The strength of the web is greater than steel, and yet it still has great elasticity. That’s exactly what Satan does; he spins webs and waits for us to fall in. Because we give in to temptation so readily, he doesn’t even have to chase us down. We walk right into it on our own accord.

As I continued to look at the spider as we drove away, I could not help but think about how Satan has continuously laid webs of deceit since the beginning of time. Many passages in the Bible speak of those who gave in to temptation, and the bitter consequences that followed. 1 Peter 5:8 tells us, “Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour: Satan’s main mission in life is to kill us.

Satan has no desire to see us prosper, grow, or abound in love. He waits for us to walk directly into the trap of temptation that he has intentionally set for us, so that we may perish. He is patient because he wants no one to know the glory of GOD. He does not want anyone to experience the tender mercies that GOD grants to us each and every day.

However, even with all of his tactics, all of his devices, all of his guile, we serve a GOD that is able to deliver us from every temptation that has been placed before us. Don’t fall for the tactics of the devil. Allow GOD to direct each and every footstep of your life, and he will keep you from Satan’s trap.

Psalm 46: God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.



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