What does Christmas really mean?

The time has drawn near. You scurry about trying to unsuccessfully incorporate forty-eight hours into twenty-four. Even though you have promised your parents, grandparents, siblings, and the child you mentor quality time, they should be a little merciful and understand that you are a very busy person. You have “to-do” lists, “several missed deadlines” lists, and the “me” list. No one will ever understand how busy you are.

You head to the toy store to get the latest Christmas pick. Your child would be devastated if they didn’t get the cool new toy or video game that everyone else wants. You fight the crowd to get the last Holiday Barbie. As you make your way to the register, you notice that your cell phone has fallen off your hip. Cursing under your breath, (your preacher might be in the store), you make your way to Customer Service. The line seems thirty miles long.

Finally, you are next in line! You notice the child in front of your crying. The sales clerk is asking the mother of the child why she is returning the gift. You hear a faint reply; something about not being able to pay the utility bill. You notice her expensive boots and decide that if she hadn’t blown her money on the boots, she probably could have paid her utility bill. Anyway, someone should have told her that you don’t wear expensive boots with cheap jeans.

You leave the toy store, sans phone, and head to your company lunch. You are dreading it. Spending eight hours a day with these people is bad enough, now they want your weekend time. You grab a gift bag from the trunk of your car, and hope that whoever pulled your name put as much time, effort, and money into selecting your gift as you did. You hope that Ted doesn’t pull your name. He dresses like a slob, and never brushes his teeth. You can’t imagine him pulling your name. But, he may be a better gift-giver than Doreen. She is so homely that she may give a pair of scissors and thimble as a gift. You decide that she has to make her own clothes. You think that she needs a make-over, and since you know a little about make-up, you would broach the subject with her later.

After lunch, you head to the mall. Your have a slight headache after listening to your boss drone on and on about how he is so grateful for his employees. If he was so grateful, he would have given you a bigger raise! The mall is crowded and there is a little old lady that is walking so slowly ahead of you. No one is with her and she is really having a hard time. You want to help her, but you’ve got to get to the sale items. You brush past her and tell God you will help someone the next time.

You get to the counter with all of your sale items and the clerk rings you up. You notice the ring on her hand and wondered who would marry her? She is not cute at all. She could use a makeover, too. You prepare to pay, and can’t find your debit card. Oh no! You had to leave it at the toy store or the restaurant. You ask the clerk to hold your items, because you cut up all your credit cards, and when she tells you she can’t, you tell how ugly you think she is.

Neither the store nor the restaurant has your card. You make the necessary calls to stop payment, but it takes forever because nobody speaks English. You decide that’s what’s wrong with this country anyway. Too many foreigners invading the USA.

Christmas day has arrived. But, instead of celebrating the reason for the season, you are upset because your parents keep raving over the gift that your brother gave them. All he gave them was a stupid little home made coupon book that promised to spend time with them and stuff! Never mind the five thousand dollars you spent to send them to Hawaii.

Christmas Day has come to an end and you are so glad. No one has given you anything you wanted. How can everyone be so thoughtless? You lay down to sleep, too exhausted and angry to say your prayers. Tomorrow has to be a better day.


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  1. Wayne Rice

    something to really think about…..

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